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Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2015 10:34:11 +0800 (CST)
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Greetings from TASC!

你,正在尋找暑假的國際交流機會嗎? 想要跳脫舒適圈、開拓視野?

想和外國人一起深入討論你所關心的社會議題? 想有所作為、實際行動改變嗎?




2015台美學生會議(Taiwan-America Student Conference, TASC)已開放報名!

本次TASC將在台灣舉行,7/22 - 8/12 為期三週,全程以英語進行。


                ·  圓桌論壇:一組圓桌論壇有八位學生代表,台灣和美國代表各四位。圓桌論壇培養學生代表針對所選定的當代議題之認識和見解,深度討論後於會期期末論壇發表成果,和與會來賓進行實務對話。

·  專業人士演講、沙龍:邀請國際領袖和青年領袖與學生代表晤談。例如:前美國在在台辦事處處長司徒文博士(Dr. William A. Stanton)、臺灣大學葉丙成教授。

·  企業社交活動:使學生代表有機會開始建立社會中不同人脈,尋找自己未來專業生涯中的導師。

·  文化名勝與實地參訪:從不同文化體驗,重新認識台灣;從自身經驗,重新尋找台灣定位。

·  長久的台美青年友誼: 21 天的朝夕相處,增進年輕世代深度的國民外交,找到信任與歸屬感。


~利用寒假計畫暑假,2015 台美學生會議將於今年暑假登場~


聯絡email: tasc.recruit.tw@gmail.com

官網資訊 http://www.taiwan-america.org/

TASC粉絲專頁 http://www.facebook.com/taiwan.america

2014 TASC Review 讓你了解更多會議內容 http://goo.gl/o4K14d


2015 Taiwan-America Student Conference

Global Connections: Inspiring Future Leaders

In Taiwan, July 22- August 12, 2015

Early Deadline: Feb. 7! Regular Deadline: Feb. 28!


Greetings from TASC! All nationalities are welcome!

ü     Are you looking for international experience this summer?

ü     Are you thinking about stepping out of your comfort zone?

ü     Is there anything about social issues you want to discuss with foreigners? Do you hope to make a difference?


“TASC: Taiwan-America Student Conference Association

ü     TASC is an international student-run organization of those studying in the Taiwan and the U.S.

ü     It is also recognized by the Ministry of Interior Affairs in Taiwan.

ü     It aims at improving the mutual understanding and diverse viewpoints between the outstanding student leaders on the both sides by teamwork.



Now, the TASC Association presents

u    2015 Taiwan-America Student Conference: The Applications are open!



ü     2015 TASC will take place in Taiwan and last three weeks, from July 22 to August 12. It will be carried out officially in English.

ü     The association will select 15 delegates for each country.

ü     All nationalities are welcome.


Here are some of the main features of 2015 TASC:

·       Roundtable discussionA roundtable consists of eight delegates, half of whom are from the U.S. Roundtable discussion encourages delegates to express their understanding and opinions of a given topic. After the thorough discussion, they will present their projects at Final Forum and interact with experts and guests further.

·       Speakers’ talksWe will invite international leaders and young prominent speakers to deliver talks. The invited guests include Dr. William A. Stanton, the former director at American Institute in Taiwan and Bing-Cheng Yeh, a professor from National Taiwan University.

·       Corporation visitsIt enables delegates to explore networking and reach out potential mentors for their future.

·       Cultural experience and site visitsDelegates will learn Taiwan in a brand new light by experiencing different sides of cultures. They will also redefine Taiwan based on their personal experience.

·       Life-long friendships: Spending every minute together for three weeks establishes long-term intercultural friendships. Delegates will find a sense of belonging and trust.


For more information:

 Email:  tasc.recruit.tw@gmail.com

 Official website: http://www.taiwan-america.org/

 Facebook fan page:  http://www.facebook.com/taiwan.america

2014 TASC review: http://goo.gl/aiB6gl

2015 TASC  招生影: http://youtu.be/I4MdcAnnmUk

2015 Taiwan-America Student Conference Recruitment Team